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How many times have you forgotten what key is for the front door, for your car, for the shed, for your neighbours’ house, for…well just about anything because there are too many on your key ring?  There’s nothing more frustrating than scrabbling around to find the right key to fit the hole, especially in the dark or when you’re overburdened with bags.

For all you guitar fans out there, there is a quirky new product that eliminates this bygone problem and enables you to easily identify which key will magically open whatever it is you’re trying to get into; a keytar key cover.

With six very cool designs to choose from, you can select the right key every time – at last, I hear you cry!  Additionally, the small plastic covers that sit over the key fob are flexible enough to attach with ease and stop the annoying jingle jangle of keys in your pocket or bag. 

Keytars are packaged neatly into sets of six and make an ideal novelty - yet extremely practical – gift for any occasion.  No need to be a guitar fan; the cool designs look neat whatever your musical taste.

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