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Ice Tankard

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Ice Tankard

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If you're a beer lover, then you'll know there's nothing worse than a warm one.

You'll find these wondrous frosty Mugs keep your beer (or other beverage) colder than an Eskimo's whatsit. That's because this acrylic tankard is filled with a clear non-toxic liquid that freezes absolutely solid. To all intents and purposes, you're drinking your pint out of a mug made of ice - but without the inconvenient drippy effect and melting all over your trousers!

Just keep a few of these stacked in the freezer (chuck out those fish fingers and get your priorities right) and you'll always be prepared for those moments when only an iced beer can bring you salvation.

They're the perfect chilling system for beer and lager because who in their right mind would want to commit the cardinal sin of diluting beer with ice cubes?

Buy a few of them for summer drinking pleasure and get a bunch of mates round for a chilled out session.


  • One very cool Beer Ice Tankard
  • Durable acrylic double-wall construction
  • Contains safe non-toxic freeze gel
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • Approx one large can (440 ml to be exact) capacity, almost 1 pint
  • 15cm high, diameter 8 cm (approx. 6 x 3.5 inches)