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Desktop table tennis

Desktop table tennis

Work can be stressful - trying to meet deadlines, prioritise your workload, respond to emails and attend meetings.  So when you get a spare five minutes, take a breather and challenge a colleague to a game of desktop table tennis. 

Pick up your rackets, get the ball bouncing and the scoreboard off to a record start.  All you need is a flat surface, a willing contender and someone to keep watch for when your boss steps out of the office!

Complete with a suction pad net, two mini sized rackets and ping pong ball, this desktop table tennis kit contains everything you need, but without the requirement for acres of space.  And if you’re unsure of the rules, no need to worry because the pack comes complete with a set of all you need to know instructions.  The only complication is choosing which colour racket you’d like to play with and who will act as dutiful referee.

The desktop table tennis game is a handy way to play games wherever you go and have fun, regardless of your ability.  Now all it’s time to do is call game, set and match.  To order your ping pong game, visit the website - the team at Urban Gifts have made their order and delivery process easy and prompt. Visit the website today.