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Cartoon Sound Machine

Are you looking for the perfect novelty gift that will provide no end of amusement for your recipient? Have a look at the Urban Gifts new arrival – the cartoon sound machine
If you want to give a present to a loved one, friend or even to a work colleague, then the brilliant sound effects given off by the cartoon sound machine will keep them giggling for hours.
It’s perfect for use in many different places – in the office, at the pub or at home – and produces no less than 16 cartoon sounds that will fill the room with laughter.
The machine produces sounds that are effective whatever the situation – a cartoon bang around the head with a pan, that cartoon character ‘zoom’ sound or an amusing splat.
The team have put together not just one, but a whole collection of sound machines in varying colours and sound bites which means you can choose the best one to please the person you will give it to.
At just £7.99 we urge you to take a buy online, with fast UK delivery and also look around the online Urban Gift store to find a huge range of unique gifts online.